LAugh tracks - 23.03.19

Our first even, at Loughborough Junction’s Whirled Cinema.

STILL 1.jpg

Taking Stock

(dir. Duncan Cowles)

Using his failed attempts at creating profitable stock footage, a filmmaker reflects on the absurd, mundane and funny side of being trapped inside your own head as an out of work, self-employed freelancer.


Sex Ed

(dir. Alice Seabright)

Ed teaches sex education in schools, a job he usually loves. But today, it’s the last thing he wants to do. Sex Ed is a tragicomedy about a sex education teacher who lets his personal problems get in the way of his lesson.

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Paul Is Dead

(dir. George Moore)

1967 - Hungover and squabbling during a disastrous musical retreat in The Lake District, John, George and Ringo secretly replace their dead bandmate Paul with a sheepish local lookalike.

Holy Beef

(dir. Dwayne Gumbs & Iain Simpson)

Due to a bad case of the mumps, MC Slicker and his crew look set to lose out to their rivals in an escalating beef at college. Only divine intervention will help them now.


An Arm’s Length (dir. Max Weiland)

God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers. Leonard is trapped between his yearning for freedom and his deep maternal bond.

Robot Sex Screengrab.png

Robot Sex (dir. Ben Mallaby)

Richard Herring and Rachel Stubbings star in in a cautionary tale of obsession and toast.

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Lobsters (dir. Matt Huntley)

Everyone is looking for their lobster, their soulmate. For Mark, it’s Tanya. For Tanya, it’s Dave. Bloody Dave.

Tungrus, still 21.jpg

Tungrus (dir. Rishi Chandna)

In a cramped apartment in Mumbai, an eccentric patriarch and his family consider killing and eating their hell-raising pet rooster, so that they can reclaim their lives.